About us

We offer our community the simplest and most effective solutions to the world’s most critical problems.

Have you ever had an experience which absolutely changed your mind?

Our Founder, Michal Valta, had a successful business in marketing working with global companies. Everything was moving in a positive direction until a catastrophic car accident changed his life. During treatment, he spent a lot of time thinking about the future, and the world we all live in. He decided to do something good.

This was the beginning of viaGood, a mobile app designed to take action against the world's greatest challenges.

viaGood’s vision is to transform our planet into a just and thriving place for all, utilizing the power of technology.

Team pictures

Founded in 2018, a team of 8 enthusiastic software developers decided to use the best technologies to connect all good people and help scale their impact.

Today, we’re a team of 18 changemakers based in the US, the Czech Republic and Spain on a mission to empower, equip and unite the world’s largest community of people dedicated to protecting the environment, saving animals and helping people in need.